Moving day!

Hello, Thanks for popping in...but I've moved.
The blog is now here.
come and visit!



I just killed my blogger template...argh.
So, I guess this is the perfect oppurtunity to announce my switch to typepad...which was going to happen soon anyways. It will just be happening sooner.

Spring break

Its Spring Break at last, and so I'm taking a computer break until next week. I have some projects to finish up, and some to start...and a vacation to go on. Finished Icarus photos soon!



This weekend we had crisp spring weather, so we took our breakfast to Golden Gate Park to see the cherry blossoms!

In Japan, cherry blossom parties called hanami (literally flower-viewing) are a national pastime. As the first signs of the blooms appear, in early late March/early April, areas in blossom are broadcast together with the TV weather report - a blossom report. Sakura bloom first in the South, in Kyushuu where it is warmer, and over a two week period the flowers move in a wave through Japan.

The best sites can get very crowded, as companies or familes picnic underneath the trees in large groups. Hanami parties are also very lively, if the videos shown in Japanese classes are anything to go by, much sake and taiyaki is consumed!

Our own little hanami was quite sedate, we were the only ones under the trees. The flowers were incredibly beautiful... in perfect bloom.

I hope that someday I will have the chance to see the Sakura in Japan, but San Francisco has very nice trees!

The flowers are shortlived, and soon fall; a metaphor for the brevity of live that has been appreciated by the Japanese for centuries. They are the basis for one of my favorite haiku which is:
That which blooms also falls,
the way of life in this world of flowers.


back on track

Did i tell you that I sewed my first button hole? It was quite an accomplishment and I was extremely proud of myself. And the effort was all in overcoming the idea that it was tricker than it actually was, which of course it wasn't. My machine, I've discovered, does them brilliantly; and all one has to do is note the length of button to be holed beforehand, and press reverse a couple of times while sewing. Amazing. The newly made button hole, and its button live on a new bib for Blu to replace one of our worn velcro ones that she loves to pull off.
I'm sorry to admit that the sight of her struggling wildly to get it off and failing gives me no small amount of pleasure.

As I was on a roll during naptime, I also took a seam ripper to the Icarus shawl. I know that sounds bad, but trust me its ok....I finally got all of the reject mohair free...and very slowly picked up the live stitches and put them back on the needles. It was amazing that I didn't manage to lose any in the process, and after counting twice there were still 523 (it takes a very very long time to count this many :-). So the new correct yarn has been attached and Icarus is back on track! I'm halfway through edging row 4, so my fingers are crossed that I can finish the row and bind off without anymore problems!


Every since our previous move, we have been storing boxes at the same house - but now that we have our own storage we have slowly been moving the boxes over, going through them and packing them away. Peter bought home a small one that said 'Ribbons' the other day, and yesterday Blu and I opened it.

I am a ribbon hoarder, so I wasn't sure exactly which box this was....
I found some lovely things that I forgot that I had, and when I finish going through it I'll show it.


laying low

I've either had a bizarre case of the stomach flu, or I've been food poisoned twice in the past 5 days...both equally unpleasant possibilites I assure you. Everything is on pause while I reconstruct life outside of my bed. The good news? Spring is here.