Post Christmas.....

2 days after Christmas, and still no baby. I think that I'm beginning to get a little impatient, but trying to persevere. She'll come out eventually I'm sure; its just getting harder to be patient about it as she gets heavier, and as it gets harder to sleep. We'll see what the midwife says today..


Any Time Now

Supposedly our due date is today. But that is kind of like saying that a roast is universally ready after an hour of oven time, irrespective of individual oven settings, ingredients, etc. So it could be today, tomorrow..Or two weeks from now.
This idea of exact 40 week pregnancies seems to be much more for the parents than the babies anyway. Whether or not she is ready to come, today is the day that I (or rather we) need to be ready to receive her, and we are.
Everything is in place; even the bendy straws recovered on a mad dash to Mollie Stones last night - the last piece of the psychological 'baby preparation' puzzle.

So from this point: All systems go!