A future in modeling?

Here are some pictures of Blu-chan modeling her Teddy bear jumpsuit that I knit her. and a couple more that I couldn't resist.

Sock it to me

Whew! Who knew knitting socks could be so satisfying? Obviously a lot of people given the amount of sock related blogging I see. In any case, that not quite finished sock went on to be my first finished ever. and wow, is it comfy and surprisingly painless to knit I might add. I was expecting the dpns to put up more of a fight, but they caved early and behaved. The pattern I used was the Angora House Socks from Holiday Knits by the wonderful ladies over at Imagiknit, and I went with Karabella Aurora 8 Melange yarn from the even closer and still lovely Atelier Yarns.

Its lovely its finished (and boy did it take me a long time!), but now I have to knit a second one! No two ways around it, knitting in duplicate just sucks. So, I've cast on and knit about 2 inches of ribbing but I think I'm going to take a little hiatus because I couldn't wait to start my next project which is this:

The Cable and Seed Stitch Jacket from Debbie Bliss' the Baby Knits Book. Isn't it fabulous?

Using this:

Cashmerino Aran col. Fuchia which I purchased on ebay for $50. What a steal huh? This is my first go at a cabled project, albiet very easy twisting cables..but still. Doesn't seem so bad so far. I will post the progress as it comes.


Time flies at Warp speed

Wow, its been a while. I guess I've been really lax in posting. Admitidly I have been busy, have a baby and your life explodes. Baby-chan is 2 months old now! She's so big *gush*. It finally appears that maybe I'll have a little breathing room (or at least 5 minutes a day to post), so I will try to post more often and get some pictures up of things that I'm working on. gosh, it would be nice to know how to format these blog thingys..maybe in Dreamweaver?? hmmm...must research.