Sock it to me

Whew! Who knew knitting socks could be so satisfying? Obviously a lot of people given the amount of sock related blogging I see. In any case, that not quite finished sock went on to be my first finished ever. and wow, is it comfy and surprisingly painless to knit I might add. I was expecting the dpns to put up more of a fight, but they caved early and behaved. The pattern I used was the Angora House Socks from Holiday Knits by the wonderful ladies over at Imagiknit, and I went with Karabella Aurora 8 Melange yarn from the even closer and still lovely Atelier Yarns.

Its lovely its finished (and boy did it take me a long time!), but now I have to knit a second one! No two ways around it, knitting in duplicate just sucks. So, I've cast on and knit about 2 inches of ribbing but I think I'm going to take a little hiatus because I couldn't wait to start my next project which is this:

The Cable and Seed Stitch Jacket from Debbie Bliss' the Baby Knits Book. Isn't it fabulous?

Using this:

Cashmerino Aran col. Fuchia which I purchased on ebay for $50. What a steal huh? This is my first go at a cabled project, albiet very easy twisting cables..but still. Doesn't seem so bad so far. I will post the progress as it comes.

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Anai said...

Laura, that't the jacket that I wanted to make. I think it will be beautiful in that color.