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Looking for the *right* japanese craftbook is a little like sticking your hand in a box full of cards and trying to pick out the ace. Well its not really like that, but you get what I mean. Its difficult. Without having a 'brick and morter' store that carries them close by one is forced to try to find them online. You can rely on places like crafting japanese where crafters have submitted photos of the interior of books they own which are posted along with the ISBN#s, but the selection there is limited. Or you can go to one of the overseas sellers. The difficulty there is that a. the sites like yesasia and amazon have limited english navigation, and just weird navigation in general, b. everything is in japanese and google translate is hopless (IMHO), and c. english speaking sites like kitty-craft have such a high markup that its useless to buy from them, and they only provide their own reference #'s not the ISBNs. All of the sites it seems charge high shipping prices to N. America.

But all these little pitfalls are part of the allure of the search I suppose. Its a little like a treasure hunt, looking at page after page of thumbnail-ed covers and (maybe) incomprehensible titles hoping to come accross that special one that will combine just the right amount of chic cuteness and accessibility. In that vein, I translated the menu of handicraft books at Amazon.co.jp so that its easier to at least find the catagory of books that one wants:

The Menu of craftbooks at amazon.co.jp

> ジャンル別 > 暮らし・健康・子育て > 手芸・クラフト

Books > General > Lifestyle, Health, Parenting > Handicraft, Crafts

  • 和裁 - kimono
  • 洋裁 - western clothing
  • 編物 - knitting
  • 刺繍 - embroidery
  • パッチワーク - patchwork
  • フェルト小物製作 - felt
  • 手作りバッグ - handmade bags
  • テディベア・人形 - teddy bears, dolls
  • ドールハウス - doll houses
  • トールペインティング - tole painting
  • ステンシル - stencils
  • ラタン工芸 - rattan crafts
  • アクセサリー製作 - accessories
  • ビーズ細工 - beading
  • 粘土細工 - ceramics
  • ペーパークラフト - paper craft
  • 私家版・手製本 - book arts
  • 折り紙細工 - origami
  • その他 - other, misc.
I think that I will try to follow this up with translations of common craft terms soon. But for now I hope that this is somewhat helpful; Happy Hunting!

*4/5/06 - My Little Mochi has done me one better and posted a pdf of common craft terms and words in japanese and english. It is very good and should be very useful for making softies or sewing.

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