I hate being sick

My whole body aches. I cough weakly and unsuccessfuly try to quelch the constant drip in my nose. I can't muster the energy to sit upright so I'm typing this one-handed. Pathetic, no? Yes, I have a cold and to make matters even more exciting the baby has decided that she wants to get up before daddy to greet him when he awakes...unaware of course that it means that mom has to get up too. I spent the day trying to improve upon my four hours of sleep. Blu-Hime has discovered her voice, and so while I tried to sleep she sat beside me and talked *very* loudly. I had to back out of two engagements today, which makes me feel like a heel because I've put off both people once already. Oh well, I suppose that in the end it doesn't matter. Blu is going to the doctors tomarrow to get another one of her shots...which should be lots of fun for all involved. So still not much to report. Although Pete is making rather delicious sounds in the kitchen. He's making dinner tonight, having taken pity on poor sick me. (Can you tell I'm milking this?) Lamb with Mint sauce and fries, Yum. Alright, I think that I'm going to join the baby in bed now. ~Laura out.

And in unrelated random news: did you know that Snoop Dog's real name was Cordozar Cavin Broadus? Bizarre, Huh?

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