In which I make a short trip to the frogpond

If you are ever in San Francisco, have a few hours to kill and its a wednesday, friday or sunday (if your a girl that is), I highly recommend going to the Kabuki hot springs. I went yesterday, and wow I feel like a completely different person. I went in slightly frazzled, definately stressed and came out serene and kind of floaty-like (not to mention completely red in the face- martial coloring doesn't take steam too well). I was only there for an hour and a half, but that was plenty of time to jump back and forth several times between the sauna, steam room, hot and cold pools and just lying about on a chase lounge without ever feeling rushed. It was really busy though. I didnt' really get the impression that it was 'crowded' but there were about 40 women in the baths total, and a line of about 15 when I left. The policy there is that once you've gone into the baths you can stay as long as you like so the spaces fill up fast; especially on the weekends. This was actually my second attempt yesterday at going. I went once at about 2, put my name on the list and waited an hour without noticable movement; because I was worried that I would never get in before my 'me' time (3 hrs) was up I asked the attendent if there was any hope at all or if I was banished to my bathtub at home. He told me that while the weekends were extremely busy all the time once one's name was on the list you would not lose your place, so if I came back in a couple of hours the list my have moved on but I would still be first. Which is exactly what I did. I went home, relieved the baby of Peter, played a while and put her back to sleep. Back down the street to the Kabuki; I walked in and they handed me a key, no wait. I now know the secret to irritation free relaxation!

In other news, I realized at one point yesterday while staring at the back of the cabled jacket that something was a little odd. The stitches didn't quite add up. Wasn't the last stitch in the row supposed to be a knit stitch? or was it reversed? I looked closer. And there, dangling forlornly where a new ball of yarn had been introduced was a solitary stitch, a knit stitch to be precise. 6 rows back; I couldn't believe that I had knit 6 rows without noticing that I was missing something but I had. So now I'm in the process of taking it back; which is very slow and not to be done when your attention might otherwise be diverted, say by a frisky child or cranky husband. (as you can imagine I'm only going to work on this in the middle of the night). But I'll get there eventially and progress forward no stitch left behind.

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