Lazy Mondays

My Mondays are pretty boring. A seemingly endless cycle of eating, sleeping and diapers on the part of Blu-hime interspersed with bouts of crying and some smiles. Occasionally, I have lunch. We knit a little, read a little, check email repeatedly (damn spammers), avoid telephone calls and walk in circles (a lot). In spite of the relatively small radius of our activities, I feel perpetually exhausted; its as if I run on a mouse wheel all day.
Usually by mid week all this becomes more routine, but then the weekend comes. And with the weekend I get Peter home as well. Which is both relieving and frustrating at the same time. Its a relief because there is someone else to change diapers, make food, smile at the baby, talk to..Etc. Frustrating, because after a week of inactivity I'm desperate to get out of the house; and after a week of long hours and aggravation, all Peter wants to do is sleep. However the feeling of relief tends to win over and our weekends are relatively blissful, so I get to feel spoiled. Then Monday comes again...And here we are.

Sorry about the rant. My ill humor is most likely caused by my absolute failed first attempt at clothes shopping post pregnancy over the weekend. The fact that I have jumped one shirt size and at least two pant sizes is very depressing. I say 'at least' because the size 10 I tried on after the 8s still didn't fit, but at that point Peter declared that 1.5 hours was entirely too long for him to be holding the (sleeping) baby and that we had to leave. Sigh.

On the upside, sock #2 completed!! Dekita, yeah!! I am now the proud owner of a pair of socks. Now I get to wear them. I'm not going to bother blocking these, mainly because: Duh, they're socks! and I read this morning that this particular yarn tends to wither and die when blocked. Which I don't want, so they are staying au naturale. Picture to follow when the camera comes home from work.

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Anai said...

I didn't go shopping for nearly a year after Amelie was born. So in the end I didn't buy any clothesfor nearly 2 years. That might be why I am going crazy for new clothes.