Today was a nice break in between rain storms. Blu and I had a pleasant morning, many smiles and playing. Leaving the house we walked to Nihon-machi to go to the video store and Kinokuni-ya. I wanted to see if they had any new craftbooks or any of those that I had seen on Kitty Craft. The walk was very nice, although I think that Blu is getting a little big to be carried by one shoulder. At Kinokuni-ya there was not so much. I guess they are inbetween shipments or someone got there before me and took all of the good stuff. I did find this:

which has some lovely things.

Then a quick stop at the video store for a couple movies (netflicks is moving too slow), and then a stop at the grocery for a katsudon which was still warm. It was lovely, I ate it in front of the pagoda as Blu slept in her sling.


Anai said...

I think I've discovered who has taken all the craft books. Do you remember when I bought a book on how to make handbads from the Japan town book shop. There was this crazy woman that had all the handbag books and she didn't want to buy them all but she didn't want anyone else to have them. She kept trying to see which one I had and she looked very upset when I showed her. Well that's who has your craft books. And i'm sure she knows the exact day they come out.
Good luck

laura said...

thank goodness i've special ordered the next one then!