What a week. 1 injured father, an intense case of stomach flu, and a clogged duct later and I feel like road kill. And to add insult to injury, I woke up this morning with a sore throat. Argh!
When I knew that I was going home to take care of Dad for a week I had high hopes of getting some serious knitting done. Alas, that in no way happened...I turned the heel of the second sock this morning.

The only high point during this time was that the Princess realized that she has hands! What a revelation. To celebrate, she and I went yesterday to Giggle and bought a puzzle-rattle-chew-toy-like thingy that she happily deathlocks on and waves around.

This week I have been thinking alot about money. Specifically the money that other knitters use to enhance their stashes, and where it comes from. Knitting as we well know is a very expensive hobby, I find it difficult to consider taking on a sweater project when I know that its going to cost me $150 in yarn and then several months to make...and it still won't be as polished as the one in the store. However, I read post from prominant knit-bloggers all the time that refer to having a specific project already in stash, and complete sweater after sweater. How do they afford it?? Well, some of them spin their own. Which looks like an incredible amount of fun but I think that if I attempted to bring in another hobby into the house (one that smells like sheep, makes messes, and leaves fluff everywhere) Peter just might really have a heart attack. He's not exactly a country boy. So... I guess I continue to buy yarn. Which I will need to do soon because Pete decided that for christmas this year I should make him this:

The one on the right that is from Jaeger's Mens collection. I think that its a bit bizarre, but hey he's buying the yarn. For myself I'm always looking for 'the perfect cardigan' pattern, and while I havent found it yet this jaceket from a rowan mag. is very tempting.

with some minor changes of course.

And last but certainly not least....The Blu pic of the day!


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Anai said...

I understand what you mean about the cost of knitting. I have almost given it up and desided to embroider instead. I might still do one or two things for Amelie a year but that's all.
Anyway the little fatty looks very happy with her new toy.
I just tried calling you but you didn't pick up so I will call agian another day.