Chicken Pox=1. me=0

The chicken pox is kicking our ass. We spent a very fretful night last evening. Blu didn't want to do anything, not eat, play or sleep...she just fussed and sat dazedly in Pete's arms as he walked around with her in circles. This morning was more of the same, little whimpers and half hearted playing. I feel very sorry for her, she's so little and has so many spots! they are even on her eyelids. This picture is from yesterday, so it show nowhere near the amount of spots now. We are glad that this is a mild case, I don't think that I could take it if it wasn't.

So not much crafting going on around here. I've actually been doing quite a bit of studying, looking at flashcards while I nurse the baby in bed. Making flashcards is a mindlessly soothing activity for me. I've made so many hundreds, that I can just run on autopilot and make them rather fast. Its also rather nostolgic, reminds me of time spent last year cramming with my friends right before tests and secreting myself in the library until 1Am the night before Kanji midterms.

After the baby was born I sort of lost my drive to study, and it felt like all the Japanese that I knew floated out of my head. It was disheartening to feel that I could lose it so fast, after studying so long and hard. But now I seem to have found some new energy and am working again in ernest. Although I can't meet with my tutor everyweek, I try to cover the chapters she assigned and just keep going. I think some of this new momentum is from finding blogs of other people learning Japanese, and reading about their struggle. Just this morning, looking at the Back-Tack 3 roster I found Red Swirl, who is a crafter and has the most beautiful 'a' characters that I think that I've seen. Mine suck in comparison, but I write illegibly in both japanese and english, so its not like thats surprising.

I guess its not true that I haven't been doing anything. I finished the main body of the Cable Jacket, and have about 5 inches of Sleeve #1. It turned out rather well, a couple of wonky bits but I'll discuss those when I finish. Stay tuned!


Marie said...

Poor Blu! I hope the spots fade soon...at least she is not at the scratching stage yet.
Good luck on the studying! I've been terribly tempted to try and learn a bit of Japanese (though all for the trivial and silly reason of being able to actually read the craft books and not just guess at the meaning by looking at the Kanji)...do you think it is do-able without tutors and courses?
By the way, I found you via Backtack and Whip-up. Love the coffee cozy. :)

HeatherJ said...

Oh, poor little girl. My girls have yet to get chicken pox. Instead they got the immunization instead. It is so sad to see her all covered in bumps.

I found your site through the whip up site and your great Coffee Cozy, totally cute, totally worthwhile.

I studied Japanese in middle school, highschool and the first year of college. I can only remember a few phrases but nothing to carry on a conversation, and definitely none of my characters. Keep up the studying, I look back now and really wish I would have kept it up.