Coffee Cozy redux - the pattern

Wow. I never would have expected people to actually think that my little cozy was cool. I actually felt kinda bad for entering this because it was so quick to make - and not nearly as cool as some of the other entrants, everyday panties? Wow. But it was fun, and it used up the end of a ball of yarn. Which is good, cause those little leftover bits tend to accumulate and hound you until uses are found for them. So I didn't think that this deserved a pattern, but it was requested - and how could I refuse a commenter?- so here it is:

The Coffee Cozy:

gauge: whatever you like -
i used 6 st/ 1 inch on size 8 needles (this was the original project gauge)
Needles: size 5 dpns - again whatever you like to fit measurements
Optional: crochet hook and contrasting yarn for embellishments

I'll spare you the math, but if your interested the number of stitches cast on is simply a reflection of gauge versus desired circumference - minus 20% for ribbing. So if you use a different gauge/needles adjust accordingly

Cast on 40 stitches loosely. Divide among dpns, and join (careful not to twist).
Knit in rib (k2, p2) until desired length. - Mine was approx. 3 1/2 inches but I only ever drink small cups of coffee, if you are a grande or vente kinda person knit longer.
Bind off loosely.
Weave in ends.

Decorate as suits your fancy. or if you want a handle....

cast on 4 sts on dpn.
knit across 1 row. Do not turn work
knit again right side pulling yarn across back of work.
This starts the i-cord.
knit in this manner (trying to maintain even tension) until slightly longer than cozy.
Bind off.
sew both ends to edges of cozy and bind off ends.

As for the flower...
I don't know how to crochet. Sorry. I taught myself what I needed to in order make the flower, using an online tutorial - I heart internet tutorials by the way.
I'm very sure that anybody can do better than this. So go wild if you know how.

And there you have it, now go make your own! And if you do send me a photo, ok?


Phoebe said...

I'm so glad to see a pattern... I just found your work of very practical art yesturday via whip it up.

I'm off to start one for the baby's bottles.

I'll be sure to sent a photo.

Good luck with the pox... my little one is having her 4 mth shots today (although she's almost 5 months)

Cece said...

My coffee swap pal sent me one as a gift - I love it! There is a picture of it on my blog today (http://fiberfish.blogspot.com ) I'm going to make a bunch for friends... it works GREAT!

Anonymous said...

your blog is so wonderful and easy simple to follow and understand. i just know you a wonderful mother! a purler form phoenix,

Anonymous said...

Very cute pattern. I just had requests from workmates for these.I love the relaxed directions. It is just how I roll!