In which I make several fruitless shopping trips

Sometimes I'm a complete ditz. In the past week I've made several outings; crossing the city with baby in tow, in the rain none the less, to stores that are closed. I tell you, it makes one feel exceptionally stupid to come to the store you've been looking forward to only to find that it doesn't open for another 45 minutes, wait around with fussy baby until then only to discover that if you'd read the rest of the sign you would have seen that it wasn't even open that day! That was the trip to Satin Moon. Yesterday it was the trip to the yarn store, at least then I didn't wait I just left.

But today! Today is Tuesday, and so everything is guaranteed to be open...If I go after 12. I'm torn though. Should I venture out in the rain, in what will probably be a most frustrating afternoon in hopes that I find something in my price range? Or should I just sit at home and knit and try to keep the baby from being bored? True, I would like some fabric - I need to at least swatch something for Back-tack 3 (yes, i signed up!) and I could finally purchase the Alphabet soup for M's Duvet. And I could go to Atelier Yarns and see if they carry Jaeger for Peter's sweater, or some laceweight but its raining....And yes I know I'm whining.

As desirable as increasing ones stash is, I don't know when or with what inspiration I will ever make stuff. Blu-chan, I discovered yesterday, is terrified of the sewing machine. So, either I give up my idea of learning to sew or try to get her used to it I suppose.

No, its decided. I must get outside. If only for the sake of my stomach. The fridge is very very empty, as we defrosted our freezer yesterday. There was enough ice packed around and inside the freezer to make at least 20 Margaritas - I'm serious! It was incredible. And amazingly, that freezer has yet to keep a pint of ice cream colder than slush. It took all day to defrost - mostly cause my ditzyness struck again, and I thought that the switch on the outlet where the fridge was plugged in was the on/off switch. Turns out it was a light! Who would have thought? (well not me) So the refrigerator was on all day with the door open. D'oh!

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