In which the sun finally comes out

At last. a partially sunny day! It is absolutely wonderful. I can't wait to go out, but it will probably still be cold. And guess wha? its supposed to rain tonight and tomarrow, and the day after that....

I have been rather productive I suppose. I am making a trial run of the Pointy Kitty from Wee Wonderfuls out of some white cotton scrap. All of the pieces are cut out, now I'm just trying to work out how exactly one goes about pinning all the gussets and parts together. It feels like I'm forcing the fabric together at odd angles..and I have no idea how I'm going to attempt sewing around these curves. Most likely very slowly.

As for Knitting: I've made definate progress onBlu's cable jacket. The progress being that I now know exactly where the buttonholes are going to go. Why is this necessary?? well besides the obvious, the right front is knit with the instructions "knit buttonholes that correspond to button placement". Thats right, you have to do all of the math yourself. Or in my case, have your husband do it for you! I knew that his job would be of practical use to me someday! So now that I know where all of the buttonholes go, when I come to a button spot I just replace the seed stitch border in the pattern row with a buttonhole. Pretty simple huh?

Yesterday I managed to order some different knitting things online as well. First, I ordered the proper Jaeger yarn for peters sweater. The substitute I had found, Rowan Cashsoft, while beautiful knit too thin a fabric for such a manly (hah!) sweater. A look in Atelier Yarns found nothing extraordinary, so I sucked it up and ordered it from Knitting Garden. The good news is that if this one is approved, I can order the entire sweaters worth 10% off. Also ordered was some Alpaca Cloud from knitpicks so that I can try my hand at the lace Trellis Scarf in the Spring Interweave Knits. That will also double as Mother's birthday gift should I get it done before the beginning of June.

Lastly because she is so adorable when she is sleeping, I took a bunch of pictures of the princess last night. Here is one:

Sorry about the darkness, but shes sleeping!

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Anai said...

although this has nothing to do with your post I just thought i'd tell you that little birds is back. I think of all the bloggers yarnstorm and her are my favorites.
anyway I hope you enjoyed you day in the sun.