In which we finish a busy week

Its Friday! Hurrah! This was a very busy, and quite possibly productive week for us. I finished one project, made progress on another and set of on a whole new spectrum of projects. Firstly, I went to my uber-beginning-never-touched-a-machine sewing class on Wednesday. It was really basic, but a lot of fun. I'm glad that I went, because while I'm pretty sure that I could have figured out from the instructions how to wind a bobbin or thread the machine, it would have taken awhile. But I got it after being shown once so that was a lot of time saved. Also I got to get a bunch of frustrating mistakes out of my system (although I'm sure I'll do them again), and learned how not to swear at the machine when it jams up...Be very gentle. We made a little pillow thing...Mine of course had an "M" on it. I was inordinately proud of this pillow, not only did I manage to kinda freestyle some little flowers and swirlys - I was only 1 of 2 people who didn't sew both pieces of their pillow together while decorating the right side. Yeah for me! and that took all of 2.5 hours to do...Well its a start. I can't wait to take another class, either the buttonhole one or the totebag is next. It will be awhile before I can take one though, Pete and Blu-chan can't take these three hour chunks..She screams and he gets a headache.

However now I'm at home with a sewing machine and I don't know where to begin. I hope its not busted before I ever get to use it, but I push on the little pedal and it makes a kinda spinning noise but it won't go. (can you tell I have absolutely no technical terms for sewing?) I think I have to read the manual again. On the good side the appearance of the machine (Thanks Anai!) has meant that I had to clean the cabinet...and here it is my new craft space:

Please excuse the fuzziness. I took it with my camera phone, its better than nothing I swear.

See how nice and clean it is? That took most of yesterday. It was quite a production to pull off. Look closely and engrave this image in your mind. It will never be this way again. At least I have evidence right? That's gotta count for something.

There was a request for a photo of my finished pincushion attempt. Here it is:

Yes, it is another camera phone photo. Its made from the remnant that I bought at satin moon, and some crepe chiramen (sp?) ribbon. I have yet to add a button, because I don't have any. Its curious what types of things one accumulates...I have ribbon coming out my ears, but no buttons. Not surprising I suppose given my job history. Its really not a very suitable pincushion, a bit too soft, I'll have to think of something better to fill it with next time. The next one I'd like to do on the machine, if I can convince it to sew in a circle with a 1/4" seam that is.

Lastly, we have a new Blu-chan pic! I send her daddy photos at work all the time, so I have quite a collection on the phone, so while I was sending things from the camera phone I thought to throw this in as a freebie.

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