In which we have a weekend with more chicken pox, and less sleep

This is what Blu-chan looked like on Saturday. Luckily, that was about the worst of it. Today it is much better, the sores are mostly little scabs now and she no longer has any fever. But it was a very boring and sleepless weekend for us all.

However all that time on the couch meant that I finished the second sleeve of the Cable Jacket. Now all that I have to do is sew up seams, attach sleeves, and knit a collar. Oh, and find some buttons. I guess thats quite a bit, isn't it? It always seems to me that once you finish the second sleeve of a piece that its basically finished, but thats not really true. There is always alot of finishing to be done, and then blocking, and darning in ends....well, I'll post a picture when its all done. I'm in the process of swatching two different things right now, and whichever I finish first will be the next project to be started.

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Linda said...

OMG your poor little sweety! I am glad she is feeling better. I hate when they get sick and fevery.