rain, rain go away...

It has been raining forever. and it feels like it will continue raining, forever. Or as the weather says at least until next wednesday. I finished the back of Blu's sweater last night. Yeah for me! The cast off instructions gave me a bit of a turn. I had to take everything back once and I still ended up with four fewer stitches for the neck I think, but it will be ok. Babies don't have fat necks, just cheeks. I'm not following the pattern exactly at this point because I wanted to try a three needle bind off at the shoulder seams. I'm thinking of doing the sleeves in reverse too, but for now its pocket linings in duplicate.

This is our recent trend in sunday night dinners.

I thought that the browning of the top came out well so I had to take a photo. It was delicious and they are super simple.

And I'm rather excited because my sewing class is tomorrow, Yeah! It is also the beginning of back-tack 3 which I may or may not try out for.

Lastly we have a new Blu pic! (This is what you were waiting for right?)

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