It started yesterday. One on her head, one on her thigh. By this morning the little blisters were popping up all over. The back of her head is covered, her diaper area, the backs of her knees. Everytime I look there are more of them, yet she seems blissfuly unaffected by the change in her skin.
Chicken Pox. It took 4 doctors to arrive at this concensus. They hmm-ed over her dotted skin, while she giggled and smiled; pleased with the simultaneous attention of 5 adults. An unusually young, and unusually mild case they said. Its rather uncommon now, due to the vaccine, but apparently there is an outbreak in San Francisco right now. I bet they are kicking themselves since they let us sit in the waiting room for 20 minutes. As we left, a sign on our door "do not use this room". Secreted contagiously out the back entrance, regulated home to sit inside with our spots. Tomarrows 4 month shots will have to wait. And she still smiles at me, with a spotted face.

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