Spring at Last

Clear Skies and temperatues in the high 60's had been predicted all week. As so often the case the forcast was horribly wrong...low 50's and heavy fog. But today, today the promised spring weather came at last. Beautiful clear blue skies, warm sun with just the slightest hint of cool breeze. The type of day that reminds me that yes indeed, I do live in California, and yes Spring (with a capital S) is here.

So what did we do with our beautiful day? We played at the beach, along with about 500 other people. This was Blu's first time at the ocean, and she found it very exciting! Lots of bouncing up and down and giggly talking at the waves. It was nice to watch her experience the beach for the first time, although I'm sure that she will enjoy it more when she can move around more.

What else did we do?? well, we made eggs florentine for breakfast. That was delicious. And I made chocolate chip cookies tonight for dessert, yum! we also polished off the last of a box of
chocolates from cocabella and started on the one that we picked out yesterday.

In my opinion Cocabella is the best Chocolate store in San Franicsco. They carry chocolates from 12 different counties and some of the most origianl and decadent! flavors around. A couple of my favorite pieces are: the dark chocolate with passionfruit ganache, dark chocolate with a whole prune stuffed with marzipan and the strawberry balsamic truffle.

I knitted quite a bit as well, several inches on a new project - which I will talk about next time. And the pocket tops and collar on Blu's Cable Jacket. I expect I'll finish that tomarrow. At last!

Finally the Blu pic of the day. She is happy spring is here too!


Anonymous said...

does cocabella have a web site?

Anonymous said...

does Cocabella have a web site?