FO Thursday

This is my first true sewing finished object! A cover for Blu's down comforter made from some Aphabet soup reproduction fabric that I simply couldn't resist.

Isn't the pattern fun?

Here are a couple of my favorite letters:

I think they were searching for something for W.

And what the hell is Xebec?

You have to love the Valise, so classic!!

This one makes so little sense, I love it! It reminds me of Engrish.

So its not that impressive of a FO, just 3 seams sewn. Its basically a giant pillowcase, but boy did I have a time cutting this out! I have no idea why, it just seemed to not want to become a proper rectangle after I prewashed it, and I kept trimming and trimming, and the fabric kept getting smaller and smaller...luckily I stopped before it got too small to fit the cover. But I'm happy with it, and it will certainly be functional - as Blu has discovered the fun and joy of kicking off her coves.

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HeatherJ said...

That fabric is so great. I just love kids fabric, there are so many great patterns out there it is hard to resist.