Friday Progress Report

No pictures today, sorry no time to stop.
I was a busy busy bee today...

My to do list:

Practice kanji...check!
Work on Back-tack...check! (1/2 done, yeah for me)
Lunch....check! (this is a rarity)
Lemon curd....check! - from Nigella's Domestic Goddess....for tomarrow's breakfast, yum!
Dinner...check! (spaghetti bolognase)
Sing many many rounds of Baa baa black sheep...check!
Blog post....check!

Whew! I can't believe that I got all that done. well not everything got done; my plants are looking rather thirsty, but otherwise...we are ready for our weekend. Maybe if I'm lucky I'll have a FO to show on Tuesday. 3 day weekend for us here, so we're going to take it easy...

oh and a silly photo to end the week!

1 comment:

redswirl / ginevra said...

Hello Laura!

Sorry it took me ages to connect your comment & your blog!!! I'm glad to see there are other Mums trying to learn Japanese ... but you seem heaps more organised then me, I doubt I could check half those items off in one day ;)