Friday updates

Two steps forward one step back. Whoever coined that phrase was a genius. Life just kinda feels that way sometimes. Didn't feel like doing much today... picked up a couple projects and put them down again after 20 minutes. I've been working on the Trellis scarf from the Spring 06 Interweave Knits, and it was going o.k. but then today I dropped it. Metal slippery needles, plus smooth alpaca yarn equals tangled mess on the floor. Sigh, well I guess this means that I needed to do it again (with fewer mistakes). A couple of times I got to the end of a pattern row, and found that mysteriously several stitches had disappeared (or appeared). Did I rip it back when that happened? No, I just kinda fudged it, a couple of yarn overs or K2togs and kept going. It seemed to hard to rip back lace in any practical way. And well, because its for my mother she should love it no matter how odd it looks, right? Perhaps I'm just not cut out for lace knitting.

In the new Interweave knits though, there are a couple of tips so that even knitting klutzes like me can knit lace. A lifeline: a waste yarn or thread string strung though a non pattern row, one with no mistakes, that will make it easy to rip it back when the mistakes inevitably happen. Wow, why didn't I think of that? and moreover, after I read about it why didn't I use it?

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