So I was looking at the neato papers shown over at Design Sponge the other day, and showing Pete some of the highlights from ICFF.

Me: look isn't that neat?
Him: Its ok.
Him: why is there all this paper....
Me: Its a stationary show.
Him: oh. Its not very interesting.
Me: (scrolling down to the cool outdoor wallpaper) this is cool.
Him: its ok.

(gets up goes to kitchen, comes back out)

Him: That site sucks.
Me: why do you say that?
Him: isn't it all kinda feminine?
Me: That would make sense, she's a girl.
Him: really? Huh, I was wondering where the criticism was. And why the guy was using the word 'lovely' so much.
Me: Idiot.

Does this strike anybody else as one of those basic differences between boys and girls? That women point out things they like (and use words like 'lovely'), and guys feel the need to criticize? And they say we're critical, sheesh.


Phoebe said...

Every now and then I scroll through blogger. So many 'boy' blogs are brief and critical (can't say I've seen the word lovely yet either) 'Girl' blogs are so descriptive, sometimes rambly but definately LOVELY! I like being a girl!

laura said...

Oooh, I blog surf too! clicking 'next' on blogger...over and over again. But all I usually get is spam, or the blogs of angry teenagers..

Alicia P. said...

Just stumbling in over here and have to say this convo made me die laughing. Oh man. Hilarious. "Why is there all this paper. . . ."

Just read it again. Still laughing.