How was your weekend?

Mine was fantastic. We had a lot of fun! It was my first Mother's Day yesterday and we decided to take a picnic to the beach to celebrate. The day was sunny and warm, we packed up the baby, blankets and sunscreen and drove to Whole foods where we bought a bottle of wine, some prociutto, cheese, salad and cherries and drove to Muir Beach accross the bay. Early in the morning I walked to Boulangerie and bought a bagette and some cakes for dessert, so when we arrived on the beach after searching for a parking spot and skipping accross hot sand with the stroller and bags, we made some simple sandwiches and drank our wine facing the ocean. It was lovely, and very very crowded. But although the sand was hot, and there were many people, the spray coming off of the water was great and it actually wasn't too noisy.

And of course the setting was fantastic. Muir Beach is a very tiny beach surrounded by high green cliffs, with trails that stretch back into Muir woods - A redwood tree preserve.

Blu, as I think that I have mentioned before, loves the beach. She just sits staring - at people, at the sand, at the waves. This time though she had a new skill, rolling over! She started this on saturday, she did it once - very wobbly like and slow. And then it was like a switch had been flipped, now she does it all of the time! So because she was rolling around it was hard to keep her out of the sun, I slathered on sunscreen twice though and kept her under a rain umbrella and it seemed to have done the trick. She is not sunburnt anywhere Thank goodness! Peter and I however, are a very different story...

So a lot of hot sticky fun was had by all. Last night when we got home the baby wouldn't go to sleep, it was so warm, so she stayed up with us and watched La Dolce Vita. This meant unfortunately that I didn't finish my project for the Whiplash competition, but what can you do? There is always this week I suppose, and I'll still finish and post pictures when I get a chance. I'm working on setting up a gallery of photos, but its going to take me awhile - inbetween naps and outings.

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Dana said...

What a cute photo of your little one. I just love to see babies and children sleep, it's so peaceful and calming. And it sounds like you had a phantastic first Mother's Day!