In which the stash increases dramatically

Today we went on an adventure. A perilous one, involving multiple bus rides, crowded streets, crying babes and hot sweaty mothers. Downtown we went in search of the elusive dream of the perfect black and white fabric, to Britex. Now in the past, I have heard any number of terrible horrible things about Britex. Their selection is expensive; their sales reps are all B*****s, and couldn't care less if you bought anything. In fact they would rather you didn't. A heavy reputation, but I was prepared to brave it. Why? because I was desparate. With Backtack deadlines looming on the horizon, and no sign of my order from Hancocks in sight I felt compelled to at least have something I could use as a last resort.
So to Britex we went. And let me tell you, people who have less than happy experiences there, you have obviously never gone to Britex with a social infant. We were treated wonderfully. I had swarms, swarms, of sales people clammering to giggle at the baby each eagerly piling my selections and expanding on the pinchability of Blu's cheeks. And when she melted down on 3rd floor (buttons and notions) no one batted an eyelash, they simply smiled and so did she. It was like Blu was my bribe, my way in to the rows and rows of cotton and hall of remnants (she never did let me look at buttons though, each time I went close she cried!). I spent way to much, and am banned from further fabric purchases this month. D'oh!

The loot:

These are my Back-Tack fabrics. the one on the left is the one that I originally ordered for the softie, it was sitting on the step when I got home today!

I got too little of the red one, I hope that I have a chance to go back and get some more. I just love it.

Some blues to even out my stash. It was hard to pick things out honestly. There was so much! and I was only really looking at the 2nd floor, the first being way to expensive. I also got some batting, interfacing and handles but no pictures since thats boring.

With the trip to Britex and package in the mail I'm finally able to send off this:

Going to Anai in Rome. I'm sorry it took so long to send Anai! I was trying to wait for the fabrics to come..and then your birthday present..but that will have to go later!

After Britex we went to visit Constanza at her office. Nice, lots of black computers and guys in black t-shirts. C matches, being dressed in black stretch and leather herself. Blu took fright at something though and had a absolute hysterical fit. for like 25 minutes, I had no idea what to do since she never crys like that but eventually she was just whimpering and Constanza took us to the park for some tea.

In all it was a very long day, and hot!, the longest that we have spent out of the house I think. 3 Diaper changes, as all time increments are counted in diaper changes these days. Blu fell asleep on the way home and went to bed very early tonight after her bath, I tired her out! Admitedly I'm tired too, but happy to have fabric at last.

Tomarrow is mom and baby yoga class for the two of us and some sewing at home. We went to this class on Tues and Blu really liked it, she just stared at the teacher the entire time, and talked very seriously during the Ohm chant.

Hopefully I will have some actual craft progress to show next time, until then goodnight!

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Linda said...

I love your BackTack fabrics. I just got some of the blue fabric with the red flowers too - as a birthday present - it is so cute.