New bloggy favorites

Some recent places I've been reading:

Pink Chalk Studio - I am in awe of this woman's skills. Seriously, I want to be her when I grow up.
A Dress a Day - cause you can't have too many dresses.
Twelve 22 - Fun stuff
Bara + Design Beautiful, just beautiful. Another who I wish I would grow into spontaneously. Sadly, I have a feeling she's younger than I am...(which is pretty young).

Thats all for now!


Phoebe said...

Four more blogs to add to the ever-growing list of favorites.

laura said...

It really does just keep growing doesn't it? so many talented people out there

kathy said...

Thank you Laura. You're very kind. By the way, it's all you young bloggers giving ME the inspiration.

eireann said...

thank you for such sweet compliments! how old do you think I am? ;)

laura said...

Eireann, my guess was 25/6 at the oldest being that you are a grad student. And your work has a kind of young fun energy that makes it so appealing!

eireann said...

You are exactly right! I turn 26 in October. :)

and thank you for the compliments, again. Really nice.