WhipLash #6 - Color


1 fish, 2 fish ...red fish, green fish...

This is my entry for the final week of Whiplash, Theme: color.

I've been wanting to applique on Blu's clothes for awhile in an attempt to make baby clothes that I actually like - that don't cost a fortune, and so I took a plain white onesie and added some color in the form of some cute little fish. Red with a token green one, for going against the herd, with little (nearly invisible apparently) blue air bubbles embroidered around them.

I know that its not up there with the complexity of some of the other entries this week, but I'm pretty happy wiht how it turned out (and it took me nearly the entire weekend to do!) My husband commented "its not very much color", but I rather like the simplicity of the design..and well I'm a rather monochromatic person - just don't really do the potpourri of color thing, I guess.

In my opinion it looks very stylish on my very uncooperative model:

hard to see the little bubbles in that one.

It matches her red pants perfectly!

I'm just glad that I made it in this week. Thank you Whipup for hosting this fun competition!!


molly said...

I love it!--the simplicity and the one green fish...and what a cutie pie.

Tanya said...

So sweet!

Phoebe said...

You've done great work. I too intend to personalise Zara's clothes. It's on that dredded to-do-list and I hope to get to it someday.

kathy said...

I love the Dr. Seuss inspiration on this. Great idea!