Yarn - and a small rant

The theme of this weeks Whiplash competition is: Yarn. I'm trying to think of something to make; something that maybe does not actually use yarn. But this one has me stumped, although I would have thought that this would have been the easiest week for me to do as there is plenty of yarn lying around here.

*warning* rant to follow....Stop here if you don't want to hear me vent.

I'd like to participate because so far this week there doesn't seem to be to many entrants, I think others are having the same brain freeze I am over this topic, but also I have a feeling that everyone is saving up their creative energy for next week when the Denyse Schmidt book is offered up. I had thoughts like that too. But you know, then I thought its really not about the prizes, its about the creative experience. Focused exercises or competitions like this really help develop ones creativity. Why do you think that we spend so much time in grammar school doing this type of thing? We are all trying to pump up our little creative muscles.
Trying to fit your ideas to a theme, trying to come up with ideas in the first place and executing them without a guide is difficult with out a doubt. But the more that one does this, the more you build upon your past creative experience the easier and faster it becomes. Then you see the awesome work being done by others around you, and some times you think that 'wow I could never do that -I should just give up', not a helpful thought to have. But sometimes you think 'wow that's really cool, I would have never thought of that. But if I think of it from their perspective what can I come up with?' and then you've gotten started.
Using eachother as springboards and support is the value of the craft community I think, the value of Whipup and Whiplash. In that sense I try not to think of Whiplash as a competition - we are not at odds with each other secreting away our ideas and work until the last moment; it is more like a communal project - individuals sharing their parts, and discovering what others have to offer, a much nicer feeling.
I'm sorry for the rant, but I've been thinking about it recently. About craft, and community and the value of Whipup. There were some comments this week that kind of shocked me. That people didn't like the whiplash competition, or felt that it had taken over Whipup in general. I'm surprised at this because I thought that one of the great things about the whole thing was I got to see handicraft by individuals like me - people doing craft in their homes and not afraid to post it, as well as the polished artisans that have degrees and studios and clientele. Two ends of the spectrum as it were. In short, I hope that the moderators continue the Whiplash thing (not even necessarily with prizes) - I like the mental exercise.

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Melissa said...

Hey, thanks for the comment on my blog. I hope you enter the competition this week, I agree, it's a really fun creative exercise (but I like the prizes too). Your baby is so cute, a bit younger than my daughter who is also rolling over now!