Kickin' the dust off our shoes

Blu and I are back from our sojourn in the country. It was a wonderful trip, visiting with both Peter's parents and my own and enjoying a real summer (rather than San Francisco fog).

We arrived home last night, and this morning we walked down to the post office to pick up a package that came while I was gone.

From June in Singapore, my Backtack softie has arrived!! It was pretty exciting to receive a package from so far away. Look how many stamps it took! Here she is,

Isn't she cute? I just love her little ears, they have the perfect curve.

I'm not sure of her name yet, but I'm pretty sure she's a cowgirl bunny...somehow the back of the dress reminds me of a bandana, and paired with the black and white fabric... I think I need to make her a hat!

June also sent along a fabulous brooch for me that she made (!!!) and a bell toy for Blu which promptly went in the mouth.

And little present was paired with the cutest little cards stamped with June's handcarved stamps!

Thank you so much June! It was wonderful to be your receipent.

And now....(drumroll please!!)
Since Serena emailed me to say that her Backtack kat had arrived, I can now reveal what it was that I sent! Here she is:

I used the Pointy Kitty pattern from Wee Wonderfuls. And I thought that she turned out rather well.

And here is a close up of my favorite part:

I loved this button so much. It was very hard for me to part with. Sigh. Well I know that its gone to a good home so I can't be too sad I suppose.

So what did I do on my vacation? - well, nothing really. Which was kinda nice, and rather unavoidable since my parents live out in the middle of no where. We took walks, sat on the porch in the morning sun drinking tea, took Blu for rides in a little red wagon. Country stuff.

Each morning I would get up and my baby would be missing from my side, I'd find her out in the garden with Mom watering sitting happily in the wagon, lap and face strewn with rose petals. (I never did manage to convince Mom that roses were probably not the best thing to give her, I kept finding petals everywhere, and pollen all over her mouth.)

Mom and I would chat until her kids would arrive (my Mom is/was a Montessori teacher, and has a small community pre-preschool out of their home), and then Blu and I would go off for a nap. All before 8:30 am.

Slow internet, fuzzy television, fuzzy phone and water that never gets quite hot enough. Plenty of mosquitos, snakes and lizards. But also a ripe cherry orchard a stone's throw away, no traffic, birdsong, and warm sunrises. Even with all of the dust, it will always be home to me.

My visit home was not as productive as I had planned. I had hoped that a miracle would occur and somehow the Trellis scarf would get knit up, if I was lucky, by little elves like in the story about the shoemaker? well unsurprisingly it didn't, I barely sat down to my knitting at all. I did manage to make a batch of lime curd, a german chocolate cake (my Grandma's recipe) for my Mom's birthday and a strawberry sponge cake for Peters's but that was about the extent of my craftiness, almost.

Do you see that dress in the picture? That is Blu's octopus dress. I love it. I bought it last year when I found out I was pregnant; at about 2 months I started going compulsively into baby stores and testing the waters. You know, to see what was out there. I saw this at Gymboree and knew that my baby absolutely *needed* to wear it. While I was at home, my Mother and I sat down and set out to copy it.

Mom has been sewing her own clothes since High School. She sewed most of my clothes when I was young, decked out all of my toys, and made her wedding dress. She knows what she's doing. I, however, have no clue. So I was a bit lost. But Mom was really patient with me. She showed me how to draft the pattern, and cut out the pieces (though she made me do it!), and wrote a list of very detailed instructions for me to follow when sewing it up at home. A little scary, but not too bad...yet. I hope to finish it this week and have something to show for myself. Crossing my fingers...

If you've made it to the end of this post congratulations!!! I think it was my longest ever. and there is still more tomarrow....including some goodies received from Italy, but that's all for tonight!


*Kumi said...

This is Kumi from flickr.
I found your cute kitty here!
She's so adorable!!

Agnes said...

Blu is absolutely adorable! Your life in the country sounds so relaxing ... gotta love it for a change from the busy city life!