A Little Break

Its exciting to see all the back-tack projects emerging. They are all very wonderful, a lot of time and effort that has blossomed into creativity. I'm looking forward to seeing the completed flickr gallery in a couple of weeks.

This has been a very busy week for us. Very out of the ordinary! Blu had a vaccination on wednesday, for whooping cough, which made her very fussy for most of the afternoon and evening. But she is so brave when she gets her shots! Of course she cries, but she also pauses mid cry to smile at the nurse and she fell asleep nearly immediately afterwards. The shots are definately more difficult for me than her. I agonize each time I give her one, wondering if it is really the right thing to do. I believe in vaccination but I have definate doubts about the mass immunization of a population, and wonder whether all of them are really necessary and at such a young age! We are spacing out her shots quite a bit, and being rather picky..but still.

Because it's Peter's birthday on monday, we have also been running around looking for the 'perfect' present. Which sadly we didn't find. We found some good substitutes though, and a fabulous anniversary gift which will just be about paid off when I pick it up in 3 months.

For his birthday we are going Home to visit his parents and mine. A long car ride, we leave tonight after traffic, but the weather up there should be beautiful and its always nice visiting family. While Pete has to come back to work on Tuesday Blu and I are going to stay with my parents and visit next week, so I won't be blogging until next weekend.

Hopefully all the rest and relaxation in the country will inspire me to knit like a whirlwind and complete the trellis scarf in time for my Mother's birthday next sunday. Unlikely, 21 lace chart repeats + a border, but you never know....

Well I'm off to pack, wrap presents and knit lace...Until next time!

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Phoebe said...

Have a great time with family.
I feel the need to do the same and hope to get away soon.

Look forward to seeing the scarf complete.