A Short Break

In a matter of hours I will be getting on a plane. We are going on vacation, to NYC, for a week and so I will not be blogging again until next week. I've been busy all day packing, trying to keep my mind off the impending flight. I do not like to fly...I hyperventilate, break out in a cold sweat, and clutch the armrests whitefisted each time the plane takes a dip. Though I know that the odds are against a crash, I cant help but think that we are like sitting ducks..or rather sardines trapped in a little metal box tossed through the air with no way out. Fun, huh? Also this will be the first plane ride with the babe; making it even more nervewracking. OK...I need to think about something else..Happy thoughts.

One happy thought at the other end of the tarmac, Purl SoHo. I'm so going to spend lots and lots of money there. This was assured when Peter said "you know, you can always ship things home rather than carry them back". Oh can I please?? Likewise with Kinokuniya NY, I'm crossing my fingers that its better stocked with craftbooks than the SF store, and which I'm hoping is not as disappointing as Takashimaya NY. This thanks to Disdressed's list of crafty places in NY. I've been doing my research.

Anyways, I'm packed, prepared and ready to face the plane. and I sincerely hope that I'm back next week to tell all about it. But if I'm not, well you know what happened to me. I ate too much and was too fat to get on the plane. A distinct possibility.

jaw nee!

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