The Sponge Sequel

So I had another go at the sponge cake. This time I used a recipe from Donna Hay, and it would have worked out great but my pans were too large. I ended up with 2 very fluffy pancakes. But hey, now I know that had I the right pans, I would have had a sponge. We had it for breakfast this morning, smothered with black currant jam and whipped cream. Yum!

Phoebe was kind enough to send me an article on Australian Sponge Cake craft. I gather that there is a society of people who make it their business to perfect baked goods such as sponges. Very serious business, baking in Australia. There was an attached recipe for the perfect sponge, which made me laugh because I didn't recognise a bunch of the ingredients! I would have thought that all cakes were pretty similar in construction, but not so! It seems that as long as you have eggs (of any sort - as the recipe suggested ducks eggs), some sort of flour, and some sort of liquid you can have cake. This particular recipe mentions things like 'full cream custard powder' which I'm fairly sure I will never find in the US, and the aforementioned duck eggs but also requires dropping the pans before and after baking. Are they serious? Is this common practice??? I haven't had very much baking experience, but I've never heard of dropping your cake on the floor intentionally. Anyways - Thanks Phoebe for the article, it was enjoyable to read even if I stick to my own recipe!

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