Lots of Changes

We have been undergoing a lot of changes around here. The changes have been piling up in little doses recently, but this last week I feel a little un balanced with all of the shifting going on. The most glaring change (#1) has been the weather. It is absolutely freezing! A true San Francisco summer, 55 degrees farenheit with doses of fog and wind. Its miserable, but so is the other extreme. We spent the weekend at my parents, 2 1/2 hours to the north, where it was 105 degrees and we prayed for a breeze. Blu-chan found the heat a bit difficult but I dunked her into the baby pool.
Which brings me to another recent change (#2), the sitting. Blu has been scooting along the floor for weeks, like crawling but more commando style - its not quite cross crawling on hands and knees, but effective - she can still cross the room to something she wants. But she wasn't sitting on her own until this week, probabaly because she spends more time on her tummy than sitting up. But now, its all about the sitting. And what a difference it has made for her.

Now Blu can play with things two handed, as evidenced by this bucket which she is in the process of dumping on herself. We also got her a highchair this week, now that she is sitting up, and have started to feed her actual food! (Change #3). This is very very exciting for her, (and for us - we finally get to sit down to dinner together). So far she's only tasted bananas but she really likes it, and now everything on a spoon she follows with an open mouth. Not to mention that if she watches you take a bite of something, she makes puppy dog eyes and munches her mouth in imitation. So cute!

But along with the first bites has come....the first tooth(#4)! I wish I had a picture - its on the bottom-middle, peeking out. Very white and very very sharp. She started cutting it about 2 weeks ago, but its still wiggling its way out - rather painfully. Luckily the homeopathic stuff works wonders- we only resorted to Tylenol once, after walking in circles for 3 hours at 2 in the morning.

Our last change came in the form of Blu's acceptance to day - school this fall. Which means that I get to go back to school. I am relieved that she got in, I didn't think that she would, but its also a little bit bittersweet because it means our 'babymoon' will be over in just 2 short months. After that I don't know if we will ever be able to spend time like this together again, just the two of us. So we are working hard to enjoy the time we have left, changes and all, so while I might not post so frequently over the summer - I'm still here!


Phoebe said...

Blu looks delighted to be in the cool pool water and happy to be sitting too! Thumbs up for homeopathic remedies. We've cut two teeth so far and you're right they are so sharp. Enjoy the rest of your baby-moon every day is precious.

isa said...

blu is such cute baby...

sweet pics from her in the pool ;)

HeatherJ said...

Blu is such a sweet little baby. Enjoy the rest of your babymoon, it goes so fast and I love the time I got to spend with both of our girls. But going back to school will be great for you as well. Congrats on the tooth, but now she has entered into the teething stage. Hopefully, she will breeze through without any issues.