Sausage rolls

Peter has been pestering me for sausage rolls for ages. Last night I finally made some.

It was unknown territory, as I have never seen or eaten a sausage roll before so I was going by some different Australian and British recipes and Pete's childhood recollection. In America we have Pigs in a Blanket but these were much lighter, and tastier. Peter said that they were better than the ones he remembered, but that's probably not true.
We ate them with some hard cider, and heaps of ketchup (which I was told was necessary). Not bad for a first try, eh? Oh if anyone has some sausage roll tips, please tell me because I'm pretty sure that they will be requested again.


Belinda said...

They look pretty good to me, I'll dig out my receipe for you. There is nothing like a good saugage roll..yum!! I mainly make them for the kids birthday parties or grab on as a snack at the footy. I think a good saugage roll is all in the pastry, it has to be light and flakey!!

Phoebe said...

Comfort food! They look just how they're supposed to. I agree with Belinda about the pastry... I use puff. I love them with grated carrot and onion along with a good sloosh of worsteshire sauce in the mix. I'm about to make some mini ones for Zee. She's all aobut feeding herself and the size and texture could be a winner.

Anonymous said...

I feel that when such scrumptious situations arise, that I should be well informed so that I can make a perfectly timed dinner-drop-in visit...you know...to test your cooking skills. Please keep me updated on the next event, or I'm afraid I will be much offended.
much love,


HeatherJ said...

My MIL is from England and she makes sausage rolls and bridies for every party. She uses the puff pastry from Pepridge Farms (freezer section) works great. I love sausage rolls, now I am a little hungry.

Donna said...

I never realised that you don't have sausage rolls in the US. They look like pretty good sausage rolls to me, though :)

knitabulous said...

I tell you what, the sausage roll is something I would miss if I lived in the US. In fact, my kids had one for their school lunch today. Bought ones, not home made like yours. They look great. Yum.