Summer WIPs

Today is almost everything that you want out of summer. Laid back, a nice breeze, warm but not too warm. Its lovely isn't it when the universe decides to give you a reprieve from life and let you chill out? I'm chilling by watching Chocolat - I love this movie, and it was nearly better watching it on dvd so that I could see the production extras, now I have to read the book! - and working on my Icarus scarf

I'm still just increasing and increasing, but its moving along smoothly. After the headache that was the Trellis scarf ( I kinda shoved that one to the bottom of the WIP pile) this is a breeze.
I'm also working on this

A mockup of a little blouse from my NY children's clothes craftbook. I'm doing it by hand so that I know how it all fits together before I start cutting into the real fabric. Its going good so far but I'm kinda hung up on the sleeves. How does one piece them together and pin them so that they fit seamlessly, it is so counter intuitive how they fit inside out and backwards....I just keep moving them around and repinning? I'm winging it, but I'm sure that there is a 'proper' way to do it and dread doing it on the machine for the real version.

Blu-chan is enjoying her day by taking an especially long afternoon nap. We had a rather exciting morning, very out of pattern. Our yoga class was filmed for a segment on postnatal (mom and baby) yoga for a local daytime show, which was rather interesting...to be filmed while exercising. Actually they really just filmed the part where we help the babies do yoga, but the camera guy got very close up to take shots. So Blu is going to be on television! Unfortunates I don't' have a television to watch it, which I suppose is just as well....I don't need to see myself on screen.

San Francisco is just hitting the point where everything is in bloom. This is my favorite part of living in the city, honestly - the fact that things grow here! Walking around San Francisco this time of year is great because not are there only fabulous bouganvilla but calla lilies, orchids, magnolia trees all in bloom.

Hope you are enjoying the summer as much as we are!


Alison said...

Oh you've got that book too!!! It's beautiful isn't it! I love the patterning :) The sleeves are simple if you trust - take them slow through the machine, and hold the material close and steady. I always get frightened at the sleeve stage, and then just do it and it works.
And I thoroughly recommend french seams for all the other seams too :) I can;t wait to see what the 'rea' piece looks like!

laura said...

Thank you, thank you for the sleeve advice! I will definately look into french seams as well. I love this book, and wish the clothes came in big sizes too!