Abunai - Don't Fall!

There hasn't been much sleep to be had around here. We seem to be entering yet another developmental stage, and Blu-chan feels the need to practice - usually at 3am. As you can see she is no longer just crawling, she climbs.

This new standing stage has me a little worried. Until now, we have been putting her down to sleep in our bed without any problems. When she started scooting around, I put big bolsters on the sides to pen her in if we weren't in there with her. But now that she is more upright, she climbs the pillows and I am worried that she will climb right over the edge before I ever know that she is awake. Add to that the midnight crawling practice, extra nursing to supplament all of the energy she's putting out and a new tooth or two and I feel like I haven't slept in weeks. Last night, I put her down to sleep on a mat in the Living Room where I didn't have to worry, and I was so tired that nearly left her there at the point that I went to bed. I sat in bed dozing nicely for a half an hour before my better sense prevailed and I went to get her, and of course as soon as I brought her in to bed I couldn't fall asleep for another hour at least. Sigh.

Blu has also gone on a food strike. Well that's what I call it anyways. She won't have anything to do with baby food these days. Doesn't matter what it is, or how I prepare it, if its pureed and/or on a spoon she doesn't want it. However, she will play contentedly with whole pieces of food for ages, this morning half of a peach kept her occupied all through my own breakfast. It doesn't really bother me I guess, its just a little aggravating. I was hoping to at least have her eating a little by the time she started daycare so I wouldn't have to provide as much milk. But I guess that will have to wait.

I'm reading all sorts of articles on Infant Nutrition and solid food, and talking to lots of people, and I have come to the conclusion that no one really knows for sure why babies do anything. I've been told that I should be feeding her this or that, it should be cooler or hotter or blander. Veggies. Fruit. Rice. That pureed is good. That pureed is bad. I don't know if she just didn't like what I was giving her, if it didn't agree with her, if it was too cold, too tart, too boring. We will just keep trying, we will play with our food. Sooner or later some of it will have to make it into her mouth, right?

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Phoebe said...

It’s so scary watching them learn to maneuver around themselves. Zee has a few good bruises from her over-confident standing and shimmying around the furniture.
Zee also refuses to eat off a spoon (except if it's custard or our food off our FORK).We've experimented with lots of things she can hold herself and stuff in her mouth a small portion actually gets in her belly the rest on the floor, wall and herself. We also reduced her milk feeds to 3 per day and she now has a much better appetite for solids. Just last night she accepted some paella on a spoon and ate quite a lot. I’ve talked to lots of Mums who laugh when I say she’s not sleeping well. They’ve got older children and still have many sleepless nights. Fortunately she’s not up crying, just awake and wants to play.