Holding my breath

Thank you all for the nice comments about my apron! Can't say that I have yet remembered to wear it when cooking, but just wearing it about the house makes me feel very domestic.

I have an Icarus update for you...

*WARNING* If massive injuries to helpless knitting upset you, than come back later. Just sayin....

Chart one was nearly finished. 1 1/2 rows to go, I kid you not, and what did I discover 2 repeats from the end - a very very large mistake. 10 rows back. Somehow the eyelet column kind of 'jumped' 3 stitches to the left, and continued without my noticing. Unbelievable that one could continue knitting row after row with that kind of error I know, but well I did.

The yellow shows the mistake (like you need a guide to see it!).

I wanted to scream, but what I actually did was put it down and walk away for awhile, just in case I was overcome with the urge to frog the darn'd thing then and there. Ripping it back and redoing it was not an option, it takes even longer to rip lace back than to knit it in the first place - and I'm just not that sort of patient. Remembering that the Harlot had discussed something similar last month on her blog, I looked in her archives and decided to attempt surgery.

The requirements for conducting the type of surgery on knitting as described by Yarn Harlot are these: pins, extra needles, good light and alchohol. So I poured myself a stiff drink and cut the shawl open.

Very very carefully. It really feels like at any moment the whole thing is just going to unravel into a big lump. Luckily it didn't, although I'm not in a hurry to do this again anytime soon. As soon as I hit the lace section, those thread lifelines are going in!

Surprisingly after a lot of sighing and wrestling with stitches, it worked.

Back on track, and ready to start the lace chart at last. I wish I knew of a way to even out those stitches, right now I'm just crossing my fingers that it will sort itself out when blocked. But if anybody knows a better way, please tell me!!


Phoebe said...

Knitting surgery... far more intense than brain surgery I say. I'm glad even experienced knitters (something I'm not) knit on oblivious to a mistake.

nsevil said...

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krista said...

I don't know a better way, but I am curious what it is that you are knitting, I love the colour of your yarn.

laura said...

Phoebe: hehe, no maybe not that intense, but close.

nagi: Hi! Thanks for stopping by glad and I'm you liked my shawl!

Krista: I'm knitting the Icarus shawl from the Summer 2006 Interweave knits magazine. The yarn is Alchemy Haiku, and it is gorgeous isn't it?