In Stitches

Its surprising that given the amount of kitchen gadgets I have accumulated, I have never owned an apron. That is, until yesterday. This is my new apron:

I'm rather proud of myself to tell you the truth, it turned out great. Aside from a few minor glitches - sewing the pocket on sideways, oops!- it came together pretty fast. Or would have had I known what I was doing, it took me the unexperienced most of the day.

Its made from a thrifted cotton sheet using a pattern from Amy Butler's wonderful new book.

It was this pattern to be precise,

well actually there wasn't really a pattern because it was just a bunch of rectangles - it was more like instructions. Following Anai's lead I bought this book a couple of weeks ago - kinokuniya had it even though its not supposed to be released until Sept 1st! Its really great - just what I needed: easy useful projects that don't look like they were styled in the 50's in Idaho.

Since Anai also bought a copy, I've got to return her sewing machine to her - she's more eager than I am to use this book! So, I'm going to *try* really really hard to finish all of the projects I've started on it in the next week before I give it back. Thanks for your patience Anai!!

Also recently purchased (this week), the new Issue of Donna Hay.

Cupcakes anyone?


Phoebe said...

I love the apron... Very domestic goddess. Go Donna Hay! She has some amazing stuff and is Australian so I'm biased.

Agnes said...

I always love donna hay's cookbooks and magazines ... the photography is so minimal but yet so beautiful! I learned something great from her too ... having a very thin coat of mustard on chicken or pork before pan frying them will give the meat a very nice coating. :)

laura said...

Thanks for the nice comment!

Very cute apron! I had not heard about Amy Butler until this summer - where have I been?!?

I love how you have embedded your videos. I ended up just putting mine on other web space and linking to them. Your way is far cooler.

Donna said...

You've done a wonderful job on the apron!

sarah said...

Love that apron! I've never heard of Donna Hay before but now I am going to go check that out, your magazine looks fabulous! Thanks for the tip!