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Its too early in the morning to think of a title...
I'm running around keeping miss Blu out of things. Somehow once they can crawl, babies develop an unerring radar for the places that you would least like them to be. Blu always dashes towards the stereo (because its low to the ground) if I don't block it with a chair, and then second best is the potted plant next to it.

I have been busy, really I have. But not much of it is craft related so I don't have much to post. We have two weeks to buy a car, and find a new place to live before Blu and I start school so I've been focusing my 'online' time on those things. But here and there I've been able to do a few more fun things.

Like this:

I know it doesn't look like much. But I tell you it feels like a hell of an accomplishment. I am on the last repeat of chart 1 on the Icarus scarf. from 2 stitches to 343, a lot of repeats. I've been knitting on it every night while we watch movies, and its exciting to finally be at the end of a seemingly endless pattern.

I signed up for the Whose Lace Is It Anyways swap, and my partner is overseas. Its a secret swap so I can't tell you what I got her but I think that its kind of cool and hope that she likes it. I hope I get something neat too, then my next lace project will be picked out for me already.

Even though our fridge has been dangerously empty, we've managed to churn out some pretty ineresting things the last couple of days. I have come to the realization that I cook by inspiration. Not that genius type of inspiration where there are a bunch of random ingredients in front of me and I whip it up into something fabulous. I wish. No, my inspiration is usually in the form of a recipe I see or something that I eat that I feel inspired to try to recreate. Its easy to get inspired, the trick is the timing. I have to either write it down on the shopping list right away, or flip through cookbooks before going to the store; otherwise I will never remember what it was that I wanted to make when I'm actually in the store and we'll come home with a lot of macaroni and cheese and no vegetables. sigh. this happens alot.

Somehow, this week the timing worked in my favor. Donna Hay's Autumn issue (spring issue for me) of her magazine inspired me to make this:

Gorgonzola bread with Pears. This was my first go at making bread by myself, and using yeast. Turned out well considering the obsticles that I was working with. (read: my pathetic oven) So aside from having to bake it for twice the recommended time, and a slight doughiness at the bottom it was very tasty and really nice warm with butter.

From the same issue I also made Mussels with Chorizo sausage and basil garlic sauce.

Highly recommended. The chorizo added a spicy kick to the usual butter-white wine-garlic sauce thats paired with mussels, and made a fantastic dipping sauce for bread. We paired it with a simple salad and a nice Austrian Reisling, a great simple meal.

And third, from the same magazine - I really need to get a subscription don't I? - she had this fantastic looking pan fried whole trout that I was itching to try. But the market didn't have whole trout that day. No big deal, since they had some fantastic fresh sardines. I boned them, wrapped them in prociutto and pan fried them. On top the recipe had you make a wilted spinach pesto-ish sauce, with pinenuts and vinegar cooked in the juices from the fish. It was great - although next time it would be better to get more sardines, those little guys don't fill your stomach very far. No pictures of that one though, it went to fast!

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