Trading Spaces

And we are in! We are exhausted, sore, and swearing to ourselves that we are never moving again, but after a massive 2 day weekend pack-and-move we are in our new house. All due to Pete's incredible efforts I tell you, going from work to painting until midnight every night last week and moving and cleaning non stop on the weekend. The walls are painted, we are drowning in boxes, I can't find any spoons, and until recently the fridge only contained beer, baby food, and takeout but we are happy. It was a joy to drink a cup of coffee with sunlight streaming through the window, while gleefully watching the fog cover the other less fortunate parts of the city. I would show some pictures, but well, I can't yet find the camera either. Its here though, it all is. Somewhere.

Thank you to everyone that sent me birthday wishes!!! I had a delightful day with morning brunch (complete with mimosas), many wet baby 'kisses' and this which was my gift. Beautiful, no? It makes my palms sweat just looking at it.



In honor of my birthday, here are 25 things about me :-)

1.my favorite fruit that's really a fruit: pomegranate
2.my favorite fruit that's really a vegetable: rhubarb
3.my favorite dessert: Panna Cotta
4.something I wish I eat everyday: Sushi
5.my least favorite color: Yellow
6.my favorite animal (currently): Nudibranches
7.my favorite animal that's not an animal: Slime molds
8.the best vacation I ever took: Japan, 1 month
9.the vacation that I will take someday: a Rainforest
10.first thing I do in the morning: make coffee (an absolute necessity!)
11.last thing I do at night: turn off my laptop
12.something that pisses me off: rude service/sales people (what's with that?)
13.something that makes me happy: colors
favorite pastime: reading
least favorite pastime: being on the phone
wish that I could stop: procrastinating
wish that I hadn't stopped: dancing
I grow up I want to:
at age 2: play
at age 7: play with animals
at age 17: study animals
at age 23: study cells
at age 25: play
23.something I learned this past year: to relax
24.something I learned in my life so far: tolerance
25.something I hope to learn from now: more patience


Blu's Meme

Phoebe's daughter Zara has tagged Blu for a baby meme. How could we resist?

Blu's Baby Meme:
3 Things That Scare Me
The Ocean
Swimming Pools
Black Shirts

3 People Who Make Me Laugh
Other babies crying

3 Things I Love
Yoga with Mamma
Playing in the Park
when Dad tosses me into the air

3 Things I Hate
Sweet Potatoes
Getting my nose wiped
Long car trips

3 Things I Don't Understand
The word "no".
why I have to nap
that biting is not the same as kissing

3 Things on My Changing Table
Nothing...Its very Zen.

3 Things I'm doing Right Now
'Reading' Books
Funny faces like this:

3 Things I Can Do

Climb Stairs
Go on tip toe to reach the books on the shelf

3 Ways to Describe My Personality

3 Things I Can't Do (yet)

Use the phone

3 Absolute Favorite Foods

3 Things I'd Like to Learn
How to use that cell phone!
How to open doors

3 Things I drink regularly
I'm a purist...I only drink Mom's milk

3 Shows I Watched as a Kid (that would be NOW)
Howl's Moving Castle
Spirited Away

whose lace is it?

In July I signed up for the Whose Lace is It Anyways? swap. Yesterday my swap package arrived...from Mona in Malaysia.

3 skeins of beautiful yarn, A pattern for the Seascape Shawl, a pair of beautiful wood needles and a whimsical little stitch holder. I love swaps..

Thanks so much Mona!!!!



Last weekend was our wedding anniversary: our 4th. Peter actually forgot until the day before so he bailed on getting me a gift, but that was alright because I was able to coerce him into doing what I wanted for the afternoon - he drove me to hear the Yarn Harlot talk in Los Altos.

He took the baby and for 2 hours I sat in the sun and laughed really hard while knitting, as Stephanie spoke humorously about knitting.

I never knew knitting was so funny!

Or maybe that was just her. Anyways, it was fun and a welcome relief from the seemingly endless house search we had going on. If I was by myself I probably would have stuck around for the book signing and knitting festivities, but Peter and Blu were looking rather worn out so we went home and split a half bottle of champagne to celebrate.

Sunday we found our apartment! Its small but beautiful, rather costly but very centrally located in one of the cutest neighborhoods in SF. The cutest thing about it is that off of the living room there is this teeny tiny little room that was probably a little walk-in closet but could probably hold a shelf with a computer, or sewing machine, rather well if one squinted ones eyes. Its going to be my 'office'. I am very excited. We sign the lease this Friday, and we will probably get in there and start the painting on Saturday; the living room is currently this depressing color of Burgundy, ugh. So we will start packing up Saturday, but not on Sunday. Sunday is my birthday! I don't know what we are going to do for it, but there is no way I'm moving!

Blu Agrees!


In Class

Here is what I'm up to these days...
My classmates...very dutifully demonstrating serious student syndrome.

My lab partner, using my scope..as hers was on the fritz.

My specimen...Tetrahymena thermophila....a single celled organism that has been very useful in genetic research. Although its kind of fuzzy because its difficult to aim a camera without a viewfinder down an ocular lens, you can see the cell pretty clearly (I've circled it in black). This particular slide is stained with a Feulgen stain, which is a stain for DNA. The DNA is pink, easy to see. Cool, huh?

Geeky yes...but wow, its great to be back in the lab!


We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming....

Eekk! I am a delinquent blogger, I know. Sorry for the lack of posts, I'm afraid that recently life has intervened with blogging. We are still looking for our apartment, and all of my computer time has been dedicated to the search. Not to mention that all of our weekend time has been dedicated to house showings...how depressing. Its one non-stop headache, house hunting is, all of the places around seem to be cramped, decrepit little caves in the fog zone - and all $500/ month more than they would have been 2 months ago. The rental market is simply robbery right now.

In other recent events: Blu and I have started school. I meant to take some photos on her first day at daycare, but well it was rather traumatic - so I didn't. The second day we fared better...so here is Blu looking every inch the baby schoolgirl:

Blu is refusing to eat at daycare, but at least she is sleeping! 1 out of 2 isn't that bad. I figure that if she gets hungry enough she will eat, right? And given that I nurse her before I leave and during my lunch I hardly think that she is going to starve.

Its pretty sad though, leaving a little baby there with strangers. I wish I didn't have to.. But when she's happy she seems to really like it, there are many more things to play with than at home. But when she's sad... you come back to this:

Blu wouldn't budge from the hammock and fell asleep that way. Poor baby!

Last week was so hectic, absolutely no crafting was done. I hope that things settle down in the next couple of weeks so I can get back to posting more frequently...but no promises yet!