In honor of my birthday, here are 25 things about me :-)

1.my favorite fruit that's really a fruit: pomegranate
2.my favorite fruit that's really a vegetable: rhubarb
3.my favorite dessert: Panna Cotta
4.something I wish I eat everyday: Sushi
5.my least favorite color: Yellow
6.my favorite animal (currently): Nudibranches
7.my favorite animal that's not an animal: Slime molds
8.the best vacation I ever took: Japan, 1 month
9.the vacation that I will take someday: a Rainforest
10.first thing I do in the morning: make coffee (an absolute necessity!)
11.last thing I do at night: turn off my laptop
12.something that pisses me off: rude service/sales people (what's with that?)
13.something that makes me happy: colors
favorite pastime: reading
least favorite pastime: being on the phone
wish that I could stop: procrastinating
wish that I hadn't stopped: dancing
I grow up I want to:
at age 2: play
at age 7: play with animals
at age 17: study animals
at age 23: study cells
at age 25: play
23.something I learned this past year: to relax
24.something I learned in my life so far: tolerance
25.something I hope to learn from now: more patience


Strikkelise said...

Happy birthday! I can see why you love the colourful sea slugs. I don't think I've ever heard of slime moulds, you've made me very curious. I'll have to find out what they are in Norwegian. They look beautiful!

Phoebe said...

Happy Birthday! Your first birthday as a mother... How special! I hope Blu gave you lots of kisses (not bites) on your day. The most interesting list I've read in a while!

Nadiah Alwi said...

Happy birthday...

a 1/4 century...