Last weekend was our wedding anniversary: our 4th. Peter actually forgot until the day before so he bailed on getting me a gift, but that was alright because I was able to coerce him into doing what I wanted for the afternoon - he drove me to hear the Yarn Harlot talk in Los Altos.

He took the baby and for 2 hours I sat in the sun and laughed really hard while knitting, as Stephanie spoke humorously about knitting.

I never knew knitting was so funny!

Or maybe that was just her. Anyways, it was fun and a welcome relief from the seemingly endless house search we had going on. If I was by myself I probably would have stuck around for the book signing and knitting festivities, but Peter and Blu were looking rather worn out so we went home and split a half bottle of champagne to celebrate.

Sunday we found our apartment! Its small but beautiful, rather costly but very centrally located in one of the cutest neighborhoods in SF. The cutest thing about it is that off of the living room there is this teeny tiny little room that was probably a little walk-in closet but could probably hold a shelf with a computer, or sewing machine, rather well if one squinted ones eyes. Its going to be my 'office'. I am very excited. We sign the lease this Friday, and we will probably get in there and start the painting on Saturday; the living room is currently this depressing color of Burgundy, ugh. So we will start packing up Saturday, but not on Sunday. Sunday is my birthday! I don't know what we are going to do for it, but there is no way I'm moving!

Blu Agrees!


Phoebe said...

Happy Anniversary! Your little office sounds like a great idea. It's nice that you get to paint the place. Here if you lease you get stuck with what they've done and have to fight tooth and nail to change anything. Then if you do the conditions are that you change it BACK before you leave. I'm lucky that Brett was a batchelor for a long time before I came along and had his own place. Still we're looking to upgrade to an actual house with a yard and am not looking forward to the selling and buying process. Very Exhausting!

HeatherJ said...

Happy Early birthday too! I wished you a happy anniversary in the last post.

Nickerjac said...

Happy birthday and congrats on the new apartment x