In Class

Here is what I'm up to these days...
My classmates...very dutifully demonstrating serious student syndrome.

My lab partner, using my scope..as hers was on the fritz.

My specimen...Tetrahymena thermophila....a single celled organism that has been very useful in genetic research. Although its kind of fuzzy because its difficult to aim a camera without a viewfinder down an ocular lens, you can see the cell pretty clearly (I've circled it in black). This particular slide is stained with a Feulgen stain, which is a stain for DNA. The DNA is pink, easy to see. Cool, huh?

Geeky yes...but wow, its great to be back in the lab!


Phoebe said...

Hey there Blu has been tagged bu Zara. Come on over and see!

HeatherJ said...

Yay for a new apartment and being back in school. Plus Happy Anniversary, nothing beats a few hours of baby-free time to make you feel better.