Trading Spaces

And we are in! We are exhausted, sore, and swearing to ourselves that we are never moving again, but after a massive 2 day weekend pack-and-move we are in our new house. All due to Pete's incredible efforts I tell you, going from work to painting until midnight every night last week and moving and cleaning non stop on the weekend. The walls are painted, we are drowning in boxes, I can't find any spoons, and until recently the fridge only contained beer, baby food, and takeout but we are happy. It was a joy to drink a cup of coffee with sunlight streaming through the window, while gleefully watching the fog cover the other less fortunate parts of the city. I would show some pictures, but well, I can't yet find the camera either. Its here though, it all is. Somewhere.

Thank you to everyone that sent me birthday wishes!!! I had a delightful day with morning brunch (complete with mimosas), many wet baby 'kisses' and this which was my gift. Beautiful, no? It makes my palms sweat just looking at it.


Phoebe said...

I can't wait till you find the camera, and the time to use your birthday present.

HeatherJ said...

So jealous of your present! I am glad you had a great birthday and that you are all moved in.