whose lace is it?

In July I signed up for the Whose Lace is It Anyways? swap. Yesterday my swap package arrived...from Mona in Malaysia.

3 skeins of beautiful yarn, A pattern for the Seascape Shawl, a pair of beautiful wood needles and a whimsical little stitch holder. I love swaps..

Thanks so much Mona!!!!


mona said...

Hi Laura
I am so glad the package got to you safely. I was so much in a hurry I forgot to put in the card I had prepared for you. Those are wooden needles started their life as chopsticks but I think they are close enough to the lantern moon type needles.

I am glad you enjoyed the swap. Please come visit me at my blog at http://knitnut.blogspot.com

laura said...

I love it Mona, Thank you again!