By the seat of our pants

It feels like we are wringing the last drops of Summer from the year. Late October and it's sunny. warm. 80's. Lovely. The weekend was spent outside, picnicing in Golden Gate Park, and then a early Sunday brunch in Dolores Park after a trip through the line at Tartine for bread pudding and gougere's.

The rest of the weekend was happily spent sewing a new pair of pants for Blu-chan. She's almost outgrown all of her others.

Fall Pants

Reversible lined cotton pants in fall colors.
Pattern: New York kid's clothes; b 12month size
Fabric: 0.5 yd. Cotton from Purl
0.5 yd. Vintage cotton found at an antique show
Learned: Installing a lining. Making a casing, and inserting elastic.
Notes: This pattern was great, very visually oriented. I didn't have to break out my kanji dictionary at all. The inside-out-backwards piecing together took some thinking about, but that was just more my inexperience than anything else. Putting in the elastic though, wow that was tough. I think it took me 45 minutes of inch worming it along and then I had to rip the casing back when it got stuck. Need to find a better way to do that.
My only problem with the pattern was that it failed to tell you how to treat the second cuff, so I just hemmed it up, but now the cuffs on the reverse side don't really look identical. Which is fine, I'm not that picky. In all it was a really fast (1hr layout and cutting, 3hrs piecing and sewing), easy project and I really like the finished product. There will be more in the future, and Blu likes them too!

I put more photos of the pants and lining over at my flickr, check them out!

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Those are cute!