Fall Finished Objects

This post is very late in coming but oh well. For my birthday last month, Peter very kindly contributed this to my growing craft obsession. I have been staring at it longingly in its case ever since, to busy to take it out. Over the weekend it made its debut, and the first thing I made was a little sleeve case for my camera to travel in.

Its made from a little bit of a fat quarter that I got at Purl this summer, lined with some vintage dots that I found here. This was my first time attempting to line something, its a little tricky to wrap your head around the first time isn't it? I'm glad I made this before I tried to line anything else! No pattern here, just some arithmatic. I really like it, but I think it should be about an inch longer than it is - so I'm going to make another one. What do you suppose I should do with this one?

I also finished the little baby shirt prototype:

The sleeves were the hardest part on this one, it felt like I was wrestling them into place (very gently), but the actual sewing was very smooth. Its a good thing that I made a mock up, because I think that the seam allowance was off on the sleeves they just wouldn't matchup with the armholes. Hopefully I can fix that in the real version.

The new sewing machine works beautifully, so very smooth - and quiet!! I can now sew during nap time, yeah!

Next up? Halloween costumes....

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