New spaces and places

We have slowly been adjusting to the new space. All the boxes are gone, and its now just a matter of letting everything find its proper home. My office is undergoing a metamorphosis this weekend, Peter says that he is going to build me a desk. The picture above, is looking in to the office at an angle. I'm not going to show you the floor, its covered in piles - mostly books about cooking and craft.

I've had midterms this week, and now because they are over I feel like I'm on vacation. If I can keep myself from thinking of the things that are due on Tuesday, maybe that will even be true. I vacillate back and forth on whether going back to school with an infant was such a good idea or not. Somedays I think it was a crazy decision, other times I think it was a poor one. This week I thought the later, especially when it was 9 at night and Peter had to put Blu to bed while I was writing papers and studying (she did not like that at all!), or at 1am when I would crawl into bed. But now in hindsight it doesn't seem so bad, things are always better in hindsight though right? I have to remember this when finals roll around.

Blu and I have been exploring the new neighborhood in between tests. We have been looking for a playground, but have been unsuccessful so far. Really really unsuccessful. (Don't ask, long story). Its surprising that given Noe Valley's reputation for being Kid/Family friendly that there isn't more recreational areas available. There certainly are a lot of kids, they all walk up and down the main shopping street in their strollers, just like in our other neighborhood. In Pac heights though, most of the walkers were Ecuadorian nannies, not moms. There is one big park close by, but I can't really let Blu play in the play area there because it has a sand floor.

Blu + Sand = bad idea.

Don't get me wrong, she loves sand - loves to eat it anyway. But Dolores Park gets a lot of wierdos, and I don't want to follow along after my baby taking cigarette butts and needle caps out of her hands before it reaches her mouth.

People tell me that when they start to walk, they stop doing that. I hope so.
We are getting closer to that point, Blu now can stand on her own. But then she gets all excited that she's standing, and waves her arms and falls over. No balance. But she's getting better at it!


Anonymous said...

Nope, things still go in the mouth. Now they have both hands free to grab and stuff. Just kidding, it does get a little better, but both of the girls continued to put stuff in their mouths up to about 2yo.

Good luck with all the tests.

laura said...

Ahh! here i thought that i was going to be free of the scavanging soon!