This is Halloween...

...Tra-la-la. The Nightmare before Christmas is the best. I hummed that song for most of the day.
I had hoped to have some wonderfully cute pictures of Blu-chan in her Halloween costume but.....it didn't happen. Blu had a fever most of the weekend so she wasn't feeling her best, I never got to making her costume, and then yesterday we had a scary accident. She reached up and pulled a newly made cup of tea onto herself. As you can imagine, it was horrible. Very luckily the tea missed her face, but the poor baba has some nasty 2nd degree burns on her shoulder. Peter and I were beside ourselves, it was a total accident but I think both of us just keep replaying the 'should haves' over and over. 'We should have known she'd reach that shelf', 'we should have pushed it back further', 'we should never drink tea...'.

So Blu is going to be out of school for a little while until the burn fuses over, and so am I. and possibly posting around here could be a little scarce as well. But her costume will still get made, and she will wear it proudly out when she feels better.

Happy Halloween!

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