In Progress

6 rows to go. I feel like this shawl is getting heavier every minute, and I'm bowed under its weight unable to cast on anything else until its finished. And I must finish because I desparately need to knit these fingerless gloves...and these socks..I'm still worried that I"m going to run out of yarn but we'll see how far I get tonight, if I don't finish I make a yarn run tomorrow.

I'm also making progress on my stripey socks. Here it is just before I turn the heel.

Althougth the yarn isn't striping in clear cut stripes I like the diagonal striped effect that its turning into. Haven't decided yet what heel to use, generaly I go with a short-row heel but I would like to try something different. Any suggestions?

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RheLynn said...

Hi! Nice blog and I think the effect on your sock striping is really cool. Good luck on finishing your shawl!